I attended the John Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art which is part of the University of Oxford.
This was a very traditional school at the time and gave me a solid foundation in the use of oil paint which is my chosen medium.
The relationship between colour and tone as well as how we relate the mass to the space have been my twin interests.
My development as an artist has mirrored these concerns and led me to pursue both figurative and abstract art.
Diane Evans Painting
Pale Magenta and Olive Stripe. oil on Loxley 3D canvas 12"x24" each
Violet Ochre Triple
I have been influenced by the writings of Josef Albers at the Bauhaus in the 1920's on the interaction of colour.
He said  "equal values"are more spoken about than realised than actually seen.
This seemed to me something of a challenge!
Patrick Heron said in the 1950's that there is still a whole continent to explore in painting all in the direction of colour.
I think this still holds true today!